Conference of Journalists on the Media and the Construction of Europe

The “European Conference of Journalists on Media and the Construction of Europe” will be taking place in Lisbon, at the Hotel Altis, on May 11, to discuss the issue of public opinion in the European project. Journalists and experts from all community countries and most Portuguese correspondents in Brussels will be attending. The conference is organized by the “Sindicato dos Jornalistas” , with the support of the European Community, through its Representation in Portugal. Many Portuguese professionals from the Continent and the Islands have shown interest in participating.

The Conference was initially scheduled for the month of February, but was postponed to May, due the schedule of commissioner António Vitorino, whose participation is considered important due to his responsibilities in this field. The remaining speakers are experts in European affairs of the most important newspapers of their countries. The organizing committee is comprised by journalists Avelino Rodrigues, Teresa de Sousa and Francisco Sarsfield Cabral.

The first debate – “public opinion and the construction of Europe” – part of an opinion study at European level, presented by researcher Pedro Magalhães andmember of the direction of the “Centro de Sondagens da Universidade Católica Portuguesa” (Survey Center of the Portuguese Catholic University), will be followed by remarks by Thomas Darnstaedt (Der Spiegel) and Miguel Angel Aguillar (“El Pais”), Nicolau Santos (politics expert and journalist of the weekly newspaper “Expresso”). This will be followed by a debate with the audience, conducted by Francisco Sarsfield Cabral, a journalist of “Radio Renascença”, columnist in the daily newspaper “Público” and ex-director of the Representation in Portugal of the European Commission.

A second panel will analyze the subject “Portuguese media and Europe”, based on a study of the Portuguese researcher Rui Cádima, professor at the Universidade Nova (Nova University) of Lisbon and director of the Communication Observatory, with remarks by both Francisco Azevedo e Silva, president of the “Associação Portuguesa de Jornalistas Europeus” (Portuguese Association of European Journalist) and sub-director of “Diário de Notícias”, and Carlos Cáceres Monteiro, director of the magazine “Visão”. At this time, journalist António José Teixeira (“TSF”) will be conducting an expanded debate.

The third and last point will be a round-table on “the media and Europe” with the participation of journalists Andrea Freund (“Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung”) Björn Mansson (“Hufundstadsbladet”) and Daniel Riot (“France 3”), with journalist Teresa Sousa (Público) as moderator.